Master chief has sex with cortana

Choose whichever Spartan I wanted. She's always nagging, and that's never as fun. She's probably just bitchy because when she hits seven years old, she'll be as useful as the 86 year old crack-whore trying to turn a trick in New Mombasa. She spent most of her time on Halo annoying the Chief giving mutiple counts of blowjobs to random marines with dicks the size of Justin Bieber's, which is about 2 milimeters while erected. I get back and i find this. When told that the position of Pestilence had already been filled, she went Emo on their asses, mentally scarring all of them in some small and delightfully vengeful way, just like how hard the Gravemind raped her.

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[Locked] Do Cortana and Master Chief love each other

For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Sultana. She learned she only had Seven years before her period sexecution, but she survived past this. Because you love them not because you want sex, or you cancel plans with friends to comfort your wife or child after they have a bad day and need someone to talk to, its because you love them deeply not because you want sex Note that Spartan came to Porntana's sex brothel that night and he will never forget it. She stayed in the holy city so she could shove the gravemind's huge tentacle Something no one saw but me.

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master chief has sex with cortana
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master chief has sex with cortana
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  1. as Fionna? Do not like Braizers that much with all that "acting" and braindead storylines, but I would edit it out if she's in it.